1) Why are you called Candyboy?

I get asked that all the time. My name is Mari and what does that have to do with candy and a boy and I’m a woman and what lol? So…the name began with a song my producer and I wrote about my initial struggles being an artist. It’s called ‘Candyland Battlefield’.  I guess I just really liked the word candy (probably because I’m addicted to it and all it’s bubblegummy thoughts) and I loved the song we wrote because it was so me at that time! My producer’s friend started brainstorming names too (it was for my band at that time) and came up with like Mari and the Men and I was like creeped out, jk! I went with boy instead of girl or woman because I wanted to capture the adventurous, curious, daring, innocent, hopeful spirit of a boy literally having the best time ever just—playing! I wanted and still want to walk through life with that kind of neverending fun grin on my face no matter what I face. I’m working on that still though 😉

2) What do you choose to write your songs about?

Hmmm…to tell you the truth I sometimes don’t even know what is coming out of my mouth when I start singing/writing. My first words in my phone or on paper don’t really make sense story-wise and they aren’t like witty or catchy. They don’t follow any particular song structure or rhyme scheme even. They are moreso statements of how I feel based off a reaction to a dark or frustrating or negative feeling or situation. I try to change that mood or outcome when I write—no wonder my songs sound so ‘happy’ with painful lyrics ha ha ha. Also, I rewrite a lot. I’m not one of those “I wrote this song in 5 minutes” kinda person and I actually like it that way though. I used to write a lot about overcoming struggle. Now I’m finally writing a little more about love (like the eros kind), you know what all songs are about. I like writing with people that’s for sure. In fact, I don’t think I could write without someone. It’s way more fun with another person and I like becoming a better songwriter by writing with other people, especially those far more advanced than myself.

3) Is it true that you lived in South America? What was that like for you?

Yes, I’ve lived and visited South America a few times after high school.  It’s straight up backwards in some ways and in other ways just better than growing up in suburbia (I’m from Rancho Cucamonga btw…like the place in the movie ‘Friday’ with Ice Cube). I’d love to tour down there. I’d love to raise money to help the orphanage I volunteered at (these kids were like being saved from drugs, prostitution, etc.). Sometimes I feel like life is more real down there—like people actually care about you, about one another and will show that by going out of there way to help you…oh ya, and also feed you a lot of food.

4) What are your goals or plans for the future?

Right now I’m working on a new album, talking with my fans online and getting ready to shoot a new video!  I’m really excited because it’s a new direction and it’s kinda scary.  It’s definitely outside my comfort zone.  As far as the distant future, stay tuned 😉

5) If you were stranded on a desert island, whose music would you have with you?

Well, it would depend on if I had unlimited battery life on my phone or if I was with someone, I’d probably pick something we’d both like or something he hates muah ha ha…wait, you said desert island so that means I’m all by myself Celine Dion status. Well, that’s an easy one—my music! Jk, that would be like torture and kinda vain huh?!  I’m thinking…Teena Marie (please look up her fabulousness)—yup, so I’d have someone to work up to vocally and you know, to kill the time 🙂